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 One of the most photographed buildings in Historic Jamestown was built as a wood frame hotel in 1919 by David Martinez.  In 1938, the Jamestown Hotel was refurbished in stucco as the Mother Lode Hospital owned by Dr. D L Farrell. It was at this time we obtained our most famous guest Mary Rose Sullivan.

She checked herself into the hospital and asked to speak with the doctor.  It soon became aware to the nurses that Mary Rose was pregnant. Late that night Mary went into labor and Dr. Farrell was unable to save either mother or child.  Mary and the unnamed baby where put to rest in the Catholic cemetery overlooking Jamestown.  A couple of weeks later, a nurse on night duty , Emily Hutchinson, heard a soft moaning sound coming from room # 7.  She thought this was odd because the room was suppose empty. When she opened the door, it was quite dark, but there was a soft glow of light around the bed.  Then the frightened nurse saw a luminous image and screamed in horror as the gruesome specter of a man wrapped in chains slowly materialized.  She rushed from the room, slammed the door and anxiously waited for morning.  When the nurse told Dr. Farrell about her experience, he signed and said that he must share Mary Rose's story.  The physician said Mary Rose fell in love with a British soldier, and the couple planned to marry.  However, the soldier's family opposed the their marriage plans and arranged to have their young soldier son sent off to India, far away from Mary Rose.  (TO BE CONTINUED)

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Open Every Day - 6am - Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Open Every Day - 6am - Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Each room offers you free access to Wi-Fi since we know you need some of the pleasures from back home.

We offer spacious rooms and suites that are designed to fit everyone's taste. You'll enjoy your stay with us, and that is a promise.

With a 4-star world renowned restaurant on our first floor opening at 6 am, we provide  breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 An intimate full bar with bistro tables and a cozy fireplace. A great place to relax after a full day.

We're sticklers for ensuring your stay is the best it can be. To ensure your comfort we updated the historic hotel with a modern climate control system.

Building on our past foundation of award winning  hospitality we now feature "Old Time Modern Elegance".



Located in the heart of the California Gold Country


S-XL  $15   2XL--3XL   $18

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